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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Lust

I recently found a book journal at Barnes & Noble called Book Lust - I so enjoy it!

Previously I had been keeping book accounts in my regular journal, but upon my discovery of this little gem, I have been quite unfaithful to my former journal. I have book lust. :)

I like recording each book I have read and then my thoughts and insights brought about by the book. I also add my favorite quotes from said book.

I bought it at the end February and have recorded 12 books so far:

Cutting for Stone - Abraham Verghese
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind - Phillp Done
The Heart of a Woman - Maya Angelou
Home: A Memoir of My Early Years - Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography - Richard Stirling
Shanghai Girls - Lisa See
Hood - Emma Donoghue
The Memory Keepers Daughter - Kim Edwards
A Gypsy In Auschwitz - Otto Rosenberg
The Teapots are Out, and Other Eccentric Tales from Ireland - John B. Keane
The Stolen Child - Keith Donohue

(Cutting for Stone & Hood are absolutely wonderful and so beautifully written.)

The creator of Book Lust, Nancy Pearl, writes in her introduction of the book about her two regrets..."Regret number two is that I never kept track of the books that I have read. I would give almost anything to go back to being a kid and having a blank notebook in which to write down the author and title of each book as I finished reading it."

I couldn't have said it better. I absolutely regret not keeping track of all the books I have read! If I had to ballpark it, I think the number would be somewhere in the thousands. It just has to be. All I did as a child was read and read. When you're homeschooled, the only kid in your grade for 10 years, and your siblings are the only kids you see all day, every day - books are a wonderful escape!

I do plan on writing a book (or books) some day. A children's series (for which I already have the main characters figured out) is definitely in the future. I would love to write my own memoir some day as well.

I best be getting back to my current book (Reading Lolita in Tehran) and cup of tea. :)